Wins for Washington: A Fireside Chat with Secretary Jewell About TPP


“With the TPP’s environmental and labor protections, we have the opportunity to lift the world up.” – Secretary Jewell

When we invited U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, to speak at our annual summer luncheon, we knew we were in for a treat. What we didn’t expect was to leave so inspired about the potential of high-standard trade policies like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Secretary Jewell is a member of President Obama’s cabinet, former CEO of REI, UW alumna, and avid Northwest camper. On Monday, she spoke to 200 Washington business leaders about how TPP lifts the world up.

“We can have both conservation and development. The two are not in conflict.” – Secretary Jewell

Secretary Jewell made a striking argument that development and environmentalism can be achieved together. TPP promises to increase Washington jobs, boost global competitiveness, and strengthen international ties, all while promoting clean water, renewable energy, and endangered species protections. In 2016, we have the rare and valuable opportunity to ratify a policy that promotes Washington growth while also including high-stakes, enforceable environmental provisions.


“At this point, you can’t stop global trade – what we have to do is figure out how to use it for good.” – Secretary Jewell

We are living in an exciting, global age. Secretary Jewell discussed that international trade is blamed for the growing pains of globalization, when it’s in fact the solution to these hardships. Trade is unavoidable, and we must turn to high-standard agreements to ensure our competitiveness and growth. TPP is an opportunity to improve our entire state by creating family-wage jobs and breaking down barriers that hinder the growth of local businesses.

 “Why do I care about global trade? Because the world is truly interconnected. Pollutants and overfishing across the Pacific affect us here.” – Secretary Jewell

As a Seattleite, Secretary Jewell understands why the TPP is uniquely important to Washington: this region is perfectly posed for global connections through Pacific trade. Our state is home to vibrant businesses big and small that create skilled jobs in retail, agriculture, technology, aerospace, and other sectors. What’s more, Washington houses unique natural resources that deserve protections under the TPP.


“We will be better off environmentally and will give people jobs at home through the TPP.” – Secretary Jewell

Secretary Jewell’s inspiring words came at the perfect time. TPP must be ratified by Congress in 2016 to ensure the implementation of its pioneering standards. Learn more about how TPP uniquely benefits Washington by reading our new study, Wins for Washington: Economic Impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Washington State. We’ve made it easy to contact your members of Congress about the importance of the TPP: it only takes 30 seconds to fill out our online advocacy tool!

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