State of Trade’s Top Ten for 2013

It’s that most special time of year, loyal State of Trade readers…just like the “restaurant wars” episode of Top Chef every season or the Nordstrom men’s sale, this is something you’ve been anticipating hotly and counting down the days until you see it. And finally your long 12 month wait is over: it’s the annual Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013 summary blog post!!!

This is a tradition that we do every year, and it’s always one of our most popular posts. Even though most of you pore over each State of Trade blog post as soon as it comes out, and memorize each word as if it were a Shakespeare sonnet, the annual Top Ten Blog Posts blog post allows you to savor our cleverly written wisdom once again. It’s hard to choose a top ten, since all of our posts are so fantastic, but somehow we have been able to select the crème de la crème. And here they are, in classic countdown fashion:

10)  TIE – Is Washington Going to Keep on Truckin’ (Freight, That Is)? & A Reminder About the Link Between Immigration and Trade: Two blog posts about policy advocacy issues that we were really hoping the Washington State Legislature and the US Congress respectively would take care of in 2013…maybe in 2014?

9)  Pop-Quiz, Hotshot: Guess One of Washington’s Fast-growing Ports: What the Port of Grays Harbor can teach us about Washington’s international competitiveness.

8)  Things That Go In BoxesBecause doing stuff with shipping containers is the hot fashion trend of 2014.

7)  Two Paragraphs on Trade from the State of the Union: Parsing the President’s trade policy statements.

6)  THREE WAY TIE – Trade is on the Move in Eastern Washington, It’s Just Lunch (About Trade Policy), & The Washington Trade Conference May Be Over, But Advocacy on Top Trade Policy Issues Is Just Gearing Up: Because every WCIT event wrap up post is worth reading!

5)  The Other Good Thing About Coffee, Bananas and Chocolate: Where we summarize all of our import-ant communications.

4)  TIE – The Governor’s Budget vs. International Competitiveness? & The State Senate Budget vs. International Competitiveness: Applying the principles of international competitiveness to state budgeting.

3)  The State Legislature Doesn’t Know How Much They Know About Trade: Finding out that the State Legislature isn’t totally unaware of their international competitiveness role!

2)  WCIT’s Eastern Washington Summer Road Trip: We’re the Jack Kerouac of Washington trade policy.

And the best blog post of 2013 is…..

1)  The Odd Couple: Indian Cricket and Washington Apples: It’s the quintessential State of Trade blog post – mixing weird sports mascots, food and international trade!

There you have it, ladies and germs. A great year for WCIT and our trade policy communications, all summarized in ten blog posts. Looking forward to more great blog post in 2014, and a year of working collaboratively on behalf of Washington businesses to ensure that trade policy has maximum benefit to their success in the global marketplace.

Happy holidays to all, and see you in the new year!

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