State of Trade’s Top Ten for 2011

As 2011 slowly makes its way to conclusion, it’s always a great time to look back and reflect on highs and lows for the year that was. And here at the State of Trade blog, we especially like to look back on the highs because, hey, there were so many of them!

Of course, 2011 was a special year for the State of Trade blog because it was our first. The first post – cleverly titled “Welcome to the New WCIT Blog” – was posted on June 8. And since that date, it’s been a veritable avalanche of trade policy discussion, insights and predictions…and all with that trademark State of Trade sense of humor.

And so, in honor of the end of our first calendar year together, here’s a run down of the top State of Trade posts of 2011:

10) Great Post on International Tourism as a Trade Issue – To be clear, the phrase “great post” doesn’t refer to this post but the post that I refer to in the post.

9) Washington Trade Policy News Round-up: Architects and Foreign Language Students – Because there’s nothing better than a good News Round-up post.

8 ) SAFETEA-LU & Sports Radio – In which I combine my two great loves: trade policy and sports

7) Weekly TEOW: Washington Wine Goes to India! – The only thing better than a News Round-up is a TEOW!

6) TPP: Y’all Come? – In which I get to use urban slang in relation to trade policy debate

5) Today Will Forever Be Known As October 12, 2011! – Because you’ve got to celebrate the celebratory moments!

4) Washington Trade Policy News Round-up: Starbucks & Ste. Michelle – In which I combine my other two great loves: wine and coffee

3) What’s the Relationship Between Immigration and International Trade? – Insightful post AND an Alice in Wonderland reference!

2) In Defense of International Junkets – In which I take a moment to slam Publicola for bad journalism

1) The Import-ance of Import-ing – Because we can’t forget that it’s not just about exports.

So there you go. Read all ten multiple times, and then share them with your friends. And look forward to next year when there’ll be more great State of Trade blogging right here. Happy new year, and here’s to a great year for international trade in 2012.

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