Sea-Tac Airport Tour with Port of Seattle

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been one of the fastest-growing airports in the country over the last decade, and the airport has been undergoing major infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the related massive increase in passenger volumes. WCIT members enjoyed joining The Port of Seattle for a behind-the-scenes tour to get more information about what to expect from the airport over the coming years.

The fastest-growing portion of increased travel has been international flights and passengers, with 13 new direct international services in the last three years alone. For that reason, the Port of Seattle is building a new, expanded International Arrivals Facility (IAF) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to significantly enhance the international passenger experience, advance the Puget Sound region as a leading tourism and business gateway, and serve the traveling public well into the future.

The IAF, the most complex capital development program in the history of the 70-year-old airport, will significantly improve the arrival process for international passengers without adding new gates.

The IAF program includes three new elements:

  • 450,000-square-foot grand hall for baggage claim and customs processing
  • 85-foot-high aerial walkway that will directly connect passengers from the South Satellite to the grand hall
  • New sterile corridor connecting arriving international passengers on Concourse A

A huge thanks to WCIT member, Port of Seattle, for providing such an informative tour and giving us a peek into at the IAF!

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