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February 5, 2020

Sea-Tac Airport Tour with Port of Seattle

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been one of the fastest-growing airports in the country over the last decade, and the airport has been undergoing major infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the related massive increase in passenger volumes. WCIT members enjoyed joining The Port of Seattle for a behind-the-scenes tour to get more information …

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May 30, 2018

The Trouble with Tariffs and Three Reasons to Support the Ports

Washington has always been a leader in international trade. From our geographic position as the “Gateway to Asia” to the Washington businesses who equate trade with opportunity to the efforts of our Congressional delegations past and present, our state takes its role as a critical contributor to global commerce seriously. …

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May 2, 2018

Top Eight Reasons We Should (STILL) Join TPP

 President Trump recently indicated that the United States might consider rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Rejoining the TPP is a no-brainer for Washington state.  Here’s why.   The TPP would remove more than 18,000 tariffs across member countries, including all tariffs on manufactured goods and most agriculture products.[1] TPP would eliminate …

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April 24, 2018

Tell Your Trade Stories

Threats of an escalating trade war with China loom large, with both countries broadening the range of goods and services potentially impacted by tariffs. If there was ever a time for Washington state to stand up and lead in the national debate, it would be now. Clearly, Washington’s trading relationship …

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September 28, 2017

Accelerating Access to Opportunity

By Lori Otto Punke With all the attention on Seattle’s booming technology sector, it might be counterintuitive to say it won’t necessarily be the biggest beneficiary of our changing economy. But, while tech is certainly the driving force behind recent growth, its real impact will be a new access to …

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September 13, 2017

Growing Washington Retailers’ Competitiveness

Kent-based outdoor apparel retailer REI is committed to protecting the great outdoors. Since 1976 REI has donated over $77 million non-profit partners who care for the environment,[1] and more recently it has established a sustainability partnership with 66 of the brands it carries.[2]  Most impressively, all REI stores, distribution centers, …

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