December 21, 2012

WCIT 2012 Year In Review and a Note of Thanks

Thanks to all of you who made 2012 such an incredibly successful year for the Washington Council on International Trade: our members, our Board, our event attendees, our partner organizations, and all of you who signed letters and contacted our Congressional delegation to express your support for trade policies that …

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November 29, 2012

What I Learned At the Washington Trade Conference

So, I’m just waking up from my post-Thanksgiving nap – having ingested a lot of Tryptophan as part of my three (!) servings of turkey – and, as I slowly exit from hibernation, I’m realizing that it’s been almost three weeks since the Washington Trade Conference on November 12! To …

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September 21, 2012

What I Learned From FMC Commissioner Cordero

Tonight, I had the pleasure of heading after work to the offices of Foster Pepper PLLC for their 2nd Annual Washington Transportation Industry Reception. Not that I wouldn’t have gone anyway (I do love to schmooze with transportation industry stakeholders, as you know), but this one was of particular interest. …

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August 8, 2012

We Were Right About Harbor Maintenance Tax Diversion!

Is there any better feeling in the world than being right about something? My wife will no longer tell me “you were right” because I immediately start gloating: shouting “whoo-hoo” and doing some sort of weird victory dance that’s a mix of the Twist and someone falling down the stairs. …

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June 28, 2012

This Morning’s Announcement Was A Major Victory for the American People

Wait, what did you think I was referring to? I’m talking about the release of the Federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization conference committee report. That’s what you were paying attention to during this morning’s new cycle, right? The number one reason I’m so excited about the new federal surface transportation reauthorization …

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