The Issue

Our state’s ports are a critical economic engine that employs tens of thousands of workers and contributes to our position as one of the country’s top exporting states. Through ocean shipping and air cargo, our ports handle goods from all 50 states. The Northwest Seaport Alliance is the second largest port in the country in agricultural trade tonnage. The ports of the lower Columbia River are the largest wheat export gateway in the U.S. Our ports also play a critical role in the national economy as nearly 60 percent of imported goods coming through the Northwest Seaport Alliance are bound for destinations outside the Pacific Northwest.

WCIT Advocates

To remain a global hub, our state’s ports must function efficiently, reliably, and competitively. WCIT advocates for investments in port-related infrastructure, reform of the Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT), and operational predictability. WCIT also advocates for freight mobility investments that make local corridors efficient and reliable.

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Read the WCIT research report: The Washington Port System: Gateways to Growth at Home and Opportunities Abroad.

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