The Issue

In recent years, international trade has been defined more by conflict than by agreement. With the increased imposition of tariffs as a weapon in international commerce, the current climate is both unstable and unpredictable, presenting challenges and potential harm to Washington state’s economy.

WCIT Advocates

Tariffs are a blunt instrument that usually do more harm than good and are an ineffective means to address important issues. We oppose a tariff-first strategy believing tariffs should be a last resort when all other viable options have been explored and fail. WCIT advocates for a comprehensive trade policy using all the tools at our disposal to level the playing field for Washington state companies. We prefer a more nuanced use of strategies that include diplomacy, shared self- interest, growing opportunities and markets rather than seeking to impose restrictions. Accordingly, WCIT favors bilateral and multilateral negotiations, the use of organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO), and regional and bilateral agreements to advance Washington state’s interests.

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Read WCIT Research Report: How Global Disputes are Disrupting Trade in Washington State.