Sometimes, the work of WCIT is really easy. I realize I shouldn’t say that in a place where some of my members and Board members can see, but it’s true. When members of the Washington congressional delegation take a leadership role in ensuring that their colleagues in our state and across the country support the trade policy issues that matter to our employers, we simply have to stand back and applaud their work.

And we get to do that a lot: Representative Heck on the Ex-Im Bank, Senator Cantwell on freight mobility and Senator Murray on Harbor Maintenance Tax, just to name a few. But in 2014, no one showed more leadership on such a wide range of key trade policy issues for our state than the newly announced 2014 Washington Trade Hero, U.S. Representative Dave Reichert.

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Representative Reichert has gone above and beyond to not only vote “yes” on trade policies, but also to introduce and co-sponsor key trade legislation and to educate other elected officials on the importance of international trade to our economy. He serves as a co-chair of the Congressional TPP Caucus and on the President’s Export Council, is a co-sponsor of one of the new Ex-Im reauthorization bills, introduced the US OUTDOOR Act again this year, and helped rally his colleagues to bring a conclusion to the West Coast port labor dispute. We need more leaders like him in the US Congress, willing to stand up for trade-supported jobs and remind us that we cannot reach our fullest potential by turning inward, but rather need to look outward to the vast global opportunities we could access if trade policy worked in our favor.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to him and his staff for being true champions for Washington’s employers and families!