Wins for Washington: Economic Impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Washington State

Study that shows if the TPP had been ratified in 2015, Washington could have seen an $8.7 billion increase in exports and up to 26,000 new jobs.

International Competitiveness Strategy for Washington State

Study that finds 40% of all Washington jobs are tied to international trade.

Washington State

Trade Stories

A collection of local stories from businesses that benefit from trade.

How Washington State

Benefits from the TPP

A quick-reference factsheet about the TPP’s promised local benefits.

Unionized Jobs in Washington

Supported by Trade

Study that found in 2014, 68,500 unionized jobs were directly supported by trade.

The Economic Costs of the 2014-2015 West Coast Port Slowdown on Washington State

Study that found the West Coast port slowdown resulted in total near-term losses of $769.5 million.

An Engine of Prosperity: Freight Rail’s Pivotal

Role in Pacific Northwest’s Export Economy

Study that found freight rail contributes at least $28.5 billion to Washington’s economy each year.

Washington State

Trade Profile

A factsheet about trade and the ways it enriches Washington state.

Congressional District

Trade Profiles

These factsheets break down the benefits of trade to each of Washington’s 10 congressional districts.

The Truth About the

Trans-Pacific Partnership

This factsheet busts commonly-recited TPP myths.

The Positive Impact of Imports on Washington’s Trade Economy Factsheet

Factsheet that shares the value of imports on our economy and jobs.